Monday, 9 March 2015

Eleanor's Birthday card

Well here I am slinking back to my blog, looking shamefaced, but also pleased to have something I want to show off on the 'fridge door'.

It was my daughter's birthday a few weeks ago and just before and I was thinking what sort of card I could make for a beautiful, savvy, and (her word) sassy 16 year old.
I had just picked up the January Craft Stamper (we get ours a month later here) with the corset free stamp, and inside was an article titled 'soul Stamping'. I really liked how the author had built up her layers of paint, stamps and paper to create her art journal cover, and how she had used the same technique for a card.

I decided to experiment with her technique and to incorporate the corset stamp ... only I wanted something a bit more edgy than just the corset so I added the set of wings that were an earlier Craft Stamper free stamp to give it more of a steampunk feel. This is what I came up with...

I was pretty chuffed with how the technique worked and how it all came together and, just as importantly, Eleanor liked it. I have continued experimenting using this format. It is really forgiving because you can always paint over something, or stick something on top.

One of the reasons I have not put much on my blog recently is because I often get hung up by the need to 'create' a finished object and I end up with lots of half finished things ... or things not started because I'm not sure where they are going. So, for me, the absolute best thing about the 'Soul stamping' article was that it showed me how to experiment more.
Thanks for reading - cheers, Dianne

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