Saturday, 3 May 2014

One Layer - Flowers

It has been a couple of weeks since my last posting.
I've wanted to craft and have kept an eye on some of the challenges, but somehow other things took my time. I guess it was good that I had so much productive time over Easter.

Yesterday afternoon I checked out the latest challenge at One-Layer Simplicity Challenge and the theme was 'fabulous flowers'. And, yes I am one of those people with a large collection of flower and nature stamps, so I knew I had to give it a go ... besides I should be working on a science paper I'm in the middle of ... so what better time to stop and do some crafting.

I tried to do some masking with a circle but the effect wasn't what I'd hoped (though I have not given up on it yet) and then uncovered a large single flower stamp that I have always liked. My card grew from that - keeping in mind the element of simplicity.

I masked the top edges and inked the stamp petals with a peony red and the stamens with yellow, I don't often ink with two colours on a stamp - but this time it came out better than I'd hoped.

Then I removed the mask and ruled a border round the stamp.  I really like borders - they add a bit of formality to an image.

I coloured my flower with chalks and popped the sentiment in the opposite corner for balance.
This was a reasonably simple card to make ... coming up with the idea is what takes the time.

Anyway I am really happy with it and will enter it into the One-Layer Simplicity challenge.
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Cheers, Dianne

PS. I've just read over my post to make sure I have not done anything too stupid with my spelling, and looking at my card again ... I think a bee would be nice .... so I'll go away and think about that one - Dianne


  1. What a pretty card! I really like that big flower stamp, especially to color with chalks. I enjoy using chalks too -- so easy to blend!

  2. I like your card exactly the way it is (without a bee image). Using the opposite corners for the sentiment and the flower images really create a well define look.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. You should be happy with this, Dianne! It's gorgeous!! Hugs, Darnell