Friday, 28 February 2014

First Post

Wow - I've finally done it. I have been talking about starting a blog for years and have now gotten around to it.
The reason for my decision to 'get on with it' is because I see so many beautiful and clever cards made by other people all over the world and I have taken inspiration from them for mine.

I would like to show my creations and acknowledge the cards that have inspired them. Also I have noticed that can't comment on other blogs & I assume this is because I'm not a blogger, so now I am and hopefully will be able to add my comments.

I must confess to being new to these forms of social media. I have a facebook page (started because I needed a facebook presence to connect with another page I needed for study) that I really don't use. But this blog is for me to write things, show things, and comment on things.
It will be my virtual fridge door where I can pin things I'm proud of, or that I'm interested in.

So - there it is - I have stuck my toe in the waters of the blogosphere. Yay

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on getting 'out there' Dianne. I like the idea of this being your fridge door, keep adding to it I shall be watching with interest. Lesley x